How to Choose the Best Vacuum for Dog Hair

Best Vacuum for Dog Hair

When it comes to household chores, to almost 30% of vacuum cleaner users, vacuuming isn’t the worst task. It’s also not particularly gross since most of the newer, best vacuum for dog hair are pretty fun to steer, and it also counts as the mini workout session.

However, even with vacuum cleaners offering you the best features that make work more manageable, you need to take into account various considerations like your finances or the type of vacuum cleaner you need. You don’t want to get an expensive vacuum cleaner that’ll drain your account only for you to find out that it’s not the one you needed.

So, that said, here’s a comprehensive guide to vacuum cleaners to help you decide which one is best for your home and also for your bank account. It’s time to make smart financial decisions.

Upright Vacuums – They Tackle the Tough Tasks

As a pet parent, you adore your fur babies, right? However, it’s also nice not to have tufts of fur all over your home. If you find yourself handling pet hair issues more than often, then it means that you need a reliable upright vacuum. Thee vacuum models feature powerful suction that allows them to pick every tuft of hair in your home. If you have rugs and carpeted floors, then the upright model that features a sized bag or filter is your safest bet.

Upright models also tend to be less costly than the canister options, but they are also bulkier, thus making them difficult t steer around. If you have hardwood floors, make sure that you get the upright vacuum model with a brush roil feature that you can quickly turn on and off (on for carpets, off for hard floors).

Canister Vacuums – Easy to Maneuver

It’s another type of vacuum cleaner that you have to get if you have pets. Unlike the upright vacuum cleaner option, canister vacs are better at handling hardwood and tiles floors. Some can also leave a carpet looking new and also work with less noise, too.

However, canister vacuum models tend to be cumbersome and harder to store in your closet since the hose is usually attached to a separate tank. On the other hand, though, they also have attachments that help you get in those hard-to-reach spaces and are incredible at cleaning curtains, ceilings, upholstery, and under your furniture.

Stick Vacuum Cleaner – Handle Quick Cleanups

Famous for their slender shape, stick vacs are excellent when you need to clean those tight spots like the crack between your fridge and the wall. They’re light and re mostly battery-powered for convenient and cord-free use.

Nevertheless, they’re not the best for cleaning carpets, and they also tend to have the east suction power of all the vacuum cleaner models. They’re, however, handy when it comes to those quick cleanups like clearing spilt cereal. Stick vacs are mostly suited for cleaning surface litter and aren’t intended as replacements for a conventional vacuum.

Handheld Vacuums – Best for Tight Spaces & Vehicles

Like the stick vacuum cleaners, handheld vacs are fantastic for surface cleaning. Apart from their sizes, these vacuum systems resemble stick vacs in terms of suction, weight and even function.

They’re perfect for cleaning the furniture and also the dirt-packed windowsills. Most handheld vacuums are also light and cordless, making them incredible for deep-cleaning the interior of your car. So if you love going for rides with your dog, this would be your best option.

Robotic Vacuums – Work Without Supervision

The best invention of man, robotic vacuum cleaners take care of business while you’re away or on your couch bingeing on the best Netflix series. They’re able to squeeze into those tough-to-reach areas like under your sofa, but they don’t have the power of a classic upright or canister vacuum cleaner.

Nonetheless, they’re perfect for touchups in between cleaning sessions, especially when you’re busy handling something else. The newer models allow you to program them with smartphone apps and voice assistants, but they’re a bit on the higher price range.

Therefore, before you rush to the store to get the latest vacuum cleaner, or the one that matches with your wallpaper, ensure that you know what you need the machine to handle and also be financially smart and make a long-lasting and well-thought-of investment. Your health, pets and account depend on it!