People-Powered Accountability

Engaging empowered stakeholders for social change

In the digital age, empowered citizens demand an active role in co-shaping civil society organisations’ (CSO’s) work. This is great news! Stakeholders become partners and the set of skills, capacity and knowledge to achieve collective impact grows.
For CSOs to build on this opportunity however, we must innovate our accountability practice. We need to change focus from compliance-reporting, to inviting people, partners, supporters, staff, and donors to collectively build sustained impact with us.

Together with CSOs across the world Accountable Now wants to build the accountability practice of the future to create value with and not just for stakeholders.

What happened so far?
Accountable Now formed a Working Group of Members and Non-Members to innovate civil society’s responsiveness to people and partners for collaborative impact. 

During a meeting at the Rockefeller Centre in Bellagio, the group developed six key principles of an emerging New Accountability Paradigm. The principles are based on case studies of real live scenarios and a comprehensive survey.

CSO Action Guides
The new principles of people-powered accountability informed the development of six CSO Action Guides for Board Members, Strategy Directors, Chief Executive Officers, Chief Operations Officers, Campaign or Programme Directors and HR Directors. The Action Guides advise on how to mainstream responsiveness to stakeholders in daily business.

What comes next?
Together, we will develop an accountability frame, practice, and technological tools that support a shift – from passive reporting, to pro-active engagement of key stakeholders.
Join us in shaping the future of CSO accountability!

Trust is Crucial for Success
“Trust is crucial for success and once lost is very difficult to rebuild. Accountable Now Members are committed, across the globe, to meet the highest standards of accountability enshrined in the Code in order to ensure continuing effectiveness and transparency. It is an honour to be invited to help drive this vision.”
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