Annual General Meetings

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Accountable Now is a gathering of all Member Organisations. Each Full Member has a voting right at the meeting and Affiliate Members are welcome to join the discussions. At this meeting, Accountable Now Members

  • monitor the performance of the Board
  • approve Board decisions
  • receive the Executive Directors’ report of Accountable Now’s activities since its last AGM
  • observe the accounts of Accountable Now for the previous financial year
  • appoint auditors
  • elect Board Directors
  • approve changes and amendments of Accountable Now and discuss any other developments.

AGM 2016
In 2015 Members agreed on an ambitious new Strategy. In 2016 we discussed the progress that was achieved and how to advance it further. We shared the results of our People-Powered Accountability project and how adapted accountability practices can support success of CSOs in the digital age. We discussed suggestions by the Independent Review Panel on how to improve accountability to the people and report in a timelier, online-based format. We presented the findings of a comparative study between Member organisations and peer organisations regarding the quality of their accountability practice and discussed the new branding architecture and approach. The Global Standard project has made significant progress and we gathered input to ensure a strong global voice of CSOs in an increasingly difficult environment for them to operate. The AGM was hosted by World Vision International in London on 6 April 2016.

Trust is Crucial for Success
“Trust is crucial for success and once lost is very difficult to rebuild. Accountable Now Members are committed, across the globe, to meet the highest standards of accountability enshrined in the Code in order to ensure continuing effectiveness and transparency. It is an honour to be invited to help drive this vision.”